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Beware of the Pandas in Puri Jagannath temple and Lingaraj temple

Puri and Bhubaneswar lie in the Odisha's Golden Triangle, so many tourists visit these places every year. Moreover, Puri Jagannath temple is one of the famous Char Dhams. Those who visited Jagannath temple and Bhubaneswar Lingaraj temple might be aware of the Pandas in these temples. Beware of these Pandas who are just guides and not authorized priests.

Travel - The Secret of Happiness

In the beginning, I was not much interested in travelling and was a bit hesitant to travel to far away places. I was living in my own comfort zone and had a feeling that I can't adjust myself in a different place. But later in my life, I had to travel to distant lands with an open-mind. And now I can proudly say that traveling to the distant lands, has completely changed my outlook. I learnt a lot by traveling to distant lands and now I could easily adapt myself in any new place.

The Pancha Bhoota Shivalinga Temples in South India

According to Hinduism the entire physical existence is a combination of physical elements. These five elements are known as Pancha Bhootas. The five elements are Prithvi (Earth i.e the solid state), Aakaash (Space / Ether), Agni (Fire), Jal (Water i.e the liquid state) and Vaayu (Air i.e the gaseous state) - the states of matter according to science.

The beauty of spring blooms

I am a nature-lover and enjoy taking clicks of the beauty of nature. Spring season is the most beautiful one with colorful blooms all around. Mother Nature get a fresh look after the dry dead winter season.

Enjoy a ride on the Vizag-Bhimli beach road

Bhimli is a small fishing hamlet near Visakhapatnam in the north coastal Andhra Pradesh, nearly 25 Km from the city. The local youth of Vizag take pleasure in having a bike ride on the 26 Km stretch of Vizag-Bhimli beach road. A drive in the cab on the beach road is equally enjoyable with the lush greens of the beautifully landscaped avenues on one side, view points at few places on beachfront and the beautiful sea view on the other side.

A visit to Mukteswar and Kedar Gauri Temple in Bhubaneswar

On the day of our return journey i.e on the 5th day of our Puri-Bhubaneswar trip, we spent some time enjoying and of course admiring the awesome architecture of Mukteswar temple in Bhubaneswar. The finesse of sculpting work of the ancient artisans is noteworthy at this temple.

Visual feast of Odisha temple architecture at Konark in Odisha

In our recent short family vacation to Bhubaneswar, we visited Lingaraj temple on day 1 i.e on Makara Sankranti day. On day 2, we visited the ancient historical Khandagiri Udayagiri caves. On day 4 we visited Lord Jagannath temple in Puri, spent some time at Puri beach and savored my favorite eatables i.e crispy 'jhal mudi', hot hot 'singada', sweet and soft 'chum chum' and 'rasogolla'. Hmmm! Yummy!